Drop game!

This Christmas, our family strives for quality more than quantity. And spend time spending a lot of money. thinking. We chose these kids’ gifts because they’re simple, beautiful, and don’t break the budget.

We’ve waited months for some of these, and with supplies and trucks in short supply, that’s no surprise. We kept calm and waited, and now here’s the ride Kids Games Currently in Piece O’ Cake.

Let’s start with Amazing stitching – adorable animals!

Sew, decorate and display 12 adorable paper animals. All you need to sew it comes These groups. It’s a great new experience on sewing cards, that makes you happy just thinking about it! Perfect for ages 8 and up.

Magnet is life!

Below are magnetic scenes and characters, kind of like paper dolls, but better! Easy to travel with, just tucked into a backpack or purse, to grab it at the right moment. pirates or dinosaurs or Eric Carle very hungry caterpillar!

Magnetic puzzles to win! Very smart in the car or on the living room floor. Those fine motor and problem-solving skills work. Butterflies and birds And the movingless.

Also for younger kids, these “spotting” games are fast-paced educational fun (and fun for the older ones to play with)! bottom left ABC Spot Me . game Contains 60 tile symbols and 26 abc cards; Spot and grab the symbol that matches the drawn letter. Simple, isn’t it? It’s beautiful, sturdy, and easy to clean and travel with.

bottom right, in Spottington by eeBoo Take turns flipping the clue cards, and race to find the fastest to become the mayor!

I’m spying… the pogo spring! Pay vortex! Happy horny! Below is a puzzle with additional entertainment: recycled robots puzzle!

Only a few left Fancy Pachesi and the Solar system puzzle.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, and enjoy your shopping at piece or cake!

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