17 Rhubarb Cake Recipes to Make This Spring

17 rhubarb cake recipes to make this spring

Ready to make the most of rhubarb season? From coffee cake to dump cake and everything in between, we’ve rounded up delicious rhubarb cake recipes that you can enjoy all day long.


Inverted rhubarb cake

This is one of the best rhubarb cake recipes. I’ve baked this treat every spring for many years, and my family loves it! Use your own fresh rhubarb, hit the farmers market or find a neighbor who will trade the stems for the recipe! Feel free to check out our website A beginner’s guide to rhubarb If you have not used it before. —Helen Breemann, Matidal, New York

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Old fashioned rhubarb cake

My aunt gave me this rhubarb cake recipe. It’s especially delicious when rhubarb is in season, and it tastes better with aged milk. But you’ll love it even with frozen rhubarb and scrambled ‘modern age’! —Marilyn Humula, Hazel, South Dakota

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