Containers by Dani Introduces ‘Another Category of Dessert’ for Delivery: Layered Ice Cream Cakes

By Sabrina WeissJuly 19, 2022 12:39 PM

The web based business dessert organization presented frozen yogurt cakes on Tuesday to pay tribute to the brand’s 10-year commemoration.
The Jars by Dani frozen yogurt cakes — the brand’s most memorable new long-lasting item — include the equivalent diverse style of the first, top of the line cake containers. Each frozen yogurt cake, which retails for $44 and delivers from one side of the country to the other, consolidates components of frozen yogurt desserts and cake, and every one of the three flavors are interestingly loaded with heavenly garnishes and layers.
The new treats are bundled in brightened boxes (as opposed to the Mason shakes that Jars by Dani pastries are known for) so clients can take a cut, bundle the container back up, and pop it in the cooler to put something aside for some other time.
Chocolate fans will go off the deep end for the stacked treat cake, which has layers of chocolate chip vanilla cake, treat mixture frozen yogurt, rainbow sprinkles, brownie player, chocolate pieces, disintegrated oreo, brownie lumps and whipped cream with treat batter and smaller than normal chocolate chips on top.
The cake player frozen yogurt cake is great for exemplary cake sweethearts with its funfetti cake, vanilla frozen yogurt, rainbow sprinkles, cake hitter, pieces of sugar treats, and whipped cream.
Genuine strawberries make the strawberry shortcake frozen yogurt cake a new enhanced decision. Pink vanilla cake, vanilla frozen yogurt, pink sprinkles, new strawberry filling, pieces of sugar treats, and whipped cream are finished off with a strawberry shortcake disintegrate in this choice.
“This is really another class of treat,” organizer Dani Beckerman tells PEOPLE. “Part cake, part Jar, part frozen yogurt dessert. Share it, save it, love it!”
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Beckerman began her N.Y.C.- based organization by making and selling cake containers quite a while back. The pastry master made layered treats in Mason jostles that joined something beyond cake and frosting — each container ($7.25 for 4 oz. or on the other hand $11 for 8 oz.) highlights layers of brownie, sugar treats, cakes, whipped creams, mousses and more garnishes.
In 2019, Beckerman collaborated with Talenti on a restricted release organization that consolidated gelato and her cake containers, however her most recent frozen yogurt cakes are the principal item that is staying put in the brand’s very long term history.

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