‘Hang out and have a cupcake’: Cake shop set to improve downtown Gainesville

Rachel Estes, The Times, Gainesville, Ga.

Fri, July 22, 2022, 2:49 AM·5 min read

Jul. 21 — Downtown Gainesville’s expanding foodscape will before long have a better side.

A couple Joel and Diane Acuna are putting the final details on their physical bread kitchen, Acuna’s Cake Shoppe, nearby the Rock Creek Greenway at 343 Northside Drive.

Acuna’s Cake Shoppe

Amazing opening: Slated for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. July 27

Where: 343 Northside Drive, Gainesville

Starting around 2016, the couple have planned custom wedding cakes for love birds across Northeast Georgia through a house food permit.

With the new space, which is scheduled to really get started Wednesday, July 27, they’ll have the option to grow their contributions. Clients with an inclination for cupcakes, cake pops and other instant desserts can take their pick from the shop’s pastry kitchen case, which will be supplied day to day with new treats, Diane said.

As per Diane, Acuna’s has frequently handled calls for last-minute orders, which they haven’t had the option to satisfy because of a powerlessness to keep pre-heated products close by in their home studio. Be that as it may, presently, on account of the 1,280-square-foot retail facade, when a client needs a birthday cake without prior warning, will be prepared for them to get in and out.

Notwithstanding essential pastry kitchen staples, Acuna’s Cake Shoppe will offer “connoisseur” and occasional flavors, as well as a dedication program with arrangements and limits for successive guests. Diane desires to add espresso to the menu too in the long run.

Acuna’s flaunts a different flavor portfolio, from exemplary white and rich yellow to key lime and vanilla strawberry twirl.

As indicated by Diane, a ton of Acuna’s clients incline toward “White Wedding” cake — a white cake with raspberry filling and almond buttercream — despite the fact that her undisputed top choice is treats and cream — a fiend’s food cake with Oreo buttercream.

Another flavor will join the pastry shop’s dependable staples when the entryways open: pineapple topsy turvy cake, which will be authored “Abuelita’s Favorite” in respect to Joel’s grandma who passed on recently.

Those with a voracious sweet tooth can help their fix through the bread shop’s cupcake of the month club, which will get them some specialty cupcake — kind fitting their personal preference — each month for a yearly expense of $35.

August’s specialty flavor is set to be peanut butter and jam as a sign of approval for the beginning of the school year.

Clients can take their treats to-go, or plunk down and remain for a little while to relish each nibble there at the bread kitchen.

“It simply feels more cozy than strolling into a grocery store pastry kitchen,” Diane said. “We needed a space that is exceptionally inviting and welcoming, that individuals feel good to come in, hang out and have a cupcake. We’re eager to have the option to accomplish more with the local area and proposition more to individuals other than ladies and grooms — regular individuals.”

Acuna’s will in any case be “a lot of zeroed in on weddings” and custom orders, as per Diane. The shop houses a gathering space for client interviews and tastings — a convenience Diane calls her own unrivaled delight, as she beforehand couldn’t have these gatherings on location.

As per Diane, Joel heats most of Acuna’s cakes while she handles the adorning. She began as a specialist, she said, in the wake of filling in as “the donut young lady” in the Walmart bread shop while going to class for a non-intrusive treatment degree.

“The cake women would agree, ‘Whenever you’re finished, come help us.’ That’s sort of where I got into (cake brightening),” she said. “It just started a greater amount of an interest. On one occasion I told my significant other, ‘I couldn’t say whether I need to continue onward to school for exercise based recuperation; I assume I need to be a cake woman.’ That was over quite a while back and I thought, ‘Might we at any point truly earn enough to pay the rent doing that?’ And we have. It’s been fun, it’s been an exciting ride, yet I appreciate it.”

Getting to work close by her significant other is another reward.

“It sounds antique, yet we’ve forever been closest companions — we really met in center school,” Diane said. “I realize certain individuals say, ‘I could always be unable to work with my significant other,’ however I appreciate working with my better half. We get along perfect, we cooperate perfect. I don’t become ill of him.”

Joel and Diane are graduated class of East Hall High School. While Joel was brought into the world in Mexico, the two experienced childhood in Gainesville, and they have a weakness for serving their local area.

They frequently make cakes for their little girls’ cheerleading and lacrosse occasions, however their altruism extends past their genealogy. Acuna’s has given treats to region philanthropies, the medical clinic and, in 2020, to a small bunch of graduates whose festivals were canceled by the pandemic.

“I love the feeling of local area and being more engaged with the local area — Gainesville City Schools, however all of Hall County,” Diane said. “With the restricted space we had previously, we couldn’t do a ton, however presently, to have the option to do things like that when we’re directed to make it happen, whether it’s for philanthropies or schools or different necessities locally. We need to assist where we can.”

When ready to go, Acuna’s Cake Shoppe is scheduled to work Tuesday-Saturday.

Clients can track down stopping close to the scenic route and behind the pastry shop.

Concerning Joel and Diane, they’re anxious to carry a touch of pleasantness to Gainesville.

“We’re eager to be here and anticipate meeting individuals,” Diane said.

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