No fix required for these mid year blues: The berry best recipes start with a morning meal cake

BY MOLLY REID CLEAVER | Contributing writerJUL 21, 2022 – 4:00 AM

Blueberry season is almost here in south Louisiana, so a lot of people have their refrigerators and coolers gathered with protruding packs of “bleubs.” That’s the very thing my companions and I began calling them one year on a boiling excursion to Pearl River Blues Organic Blueberry Farm. Dazed from the intensity and the hyperfocus on those berry-loaded branches, our cerebrums transformed into iced 12 PM blue circles. We could think, see, smell, say: BLEUB.
At the point when the children cried for lunch: “More bleubs.”
At the point when somebody tracked down a thick bunch: “Goodness my bleub!”
Just to end the quietness: “Bleuuuuuub!”
We got back to our cookout covers in the shade with our fingers stained purple and our youngsters embarrassed under their sunhats. My little girl made a portion of her most memorable strides that day. The remainder of the mid year was a rolling bleub-fest: one companion made blueberry wine, one more shared blueberry pound cake at a potluck, and I came to require a day to day glass of blueberry lemonade.

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