Now and again locally acquired cake needs some TLC before it can look as great as it tastes.

One self-declared icing master was staggered when her $20 supermarket cake changed into a Fall-themed wedding cake worth $500 with simply a bit of real effort.

Laurie is nicknamed The Icing ArtistCredit: Youtube/The Icing Artist

YouTuber Laurie Shannon, nicknamed The Icing Artist, set out on the “cakeover” to transform a sheet cake into a round, layered cake and was shocked by the amount she cherished the outcomes.
In the wake of taking all of the buttercream frosting off of the first cake, Laurie attempted to remove roundabout states of the rectangular one.
She then eliminated orange and yellow frosting from another supermarket cake to oblige the Fall subject that she imagined for her wedding cake.
Laurie squeezed and pieced distorted lumps of the chocolate sheet cake until they framed more modest roundabout levels that she could use as levels of her wedding cake.

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