Paul Hollywood’s ultimate focaccia recipe

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July 19, 2022, 8:14 PM

From cakes and treats to breads and rolls, English big name gourmet expert and judge on “The Great British Bake Off,” Paul Hollywood, feels comfortable around a wide range of sweet and flavorful baked goods.
The expert pastry specialist turned TV character imparted a recipe to “Great Morning America” for a definitive focaccia from his new cookbook, “Heat: My best ever recipes for the works of art.”
Look at the full recipe beneath.
“I’ll frequently take one of these with me on the off chance that I’m hitting up an evening gathering – it generally vanishes rapidly,” Hollywood wrote in the cookbook close by the recipe. “There’s a great deal of water in the batter, which you really want, as any other way you can wind up with a cakey surface. Focaccia is easy to make however, in light of the fact that it’s in a skillet, so there’s just a single way for it to go. Ensure you push the olives, tomatoes and onions directly down into the spaces and use a lot of olive oil on the base and showered over the top. Also, don’t over-heat this one; you maintain that it should remain light and delicate inside.”
Makes: 1 huge focaccia



4 cups (500g) bread flour

1 teaspoon (8g) fine salt

3 3/4 teaspoons (10g) moment dried yeast

2 tablespoons (30g) olive oil, in addition to extra for oiling

1 1/2 cups (370g) water


1/2 cup (75g) pitted Kalamata dark olives

1 little red onion

10 cherry or grape tomatoes

1 tablespoon dried oregano

Around 2/3 cup (135g) olive oil, to shower

Flaky ocean salt


Put all of the mixture fixings into a huge bowl and mix together to consolidate and frame a batter. Overlay an edge of the mixture into the center and push immovably, then, at that point, pivot the bowl 90 degrees and rehash. Proceed with this collapsing and turning activity for 2 minutes then tip the batter out onto a daintily oiled surface and ply for 10 minutes until delicate and flexible. On the other hand, utilize a stand blender fitted with the batter snare to blend and massage the mixture, for 2 minutes on sluggish and 7 minutes on medium speed.

Set the mixture back in the bowl, cover with a huge cooler sack and pass on to climb at room temperature for 2 hours until essentially multiplied in size.

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