This Shop Makes 5-Pound Ice Cream Sandwiches


There’s nothing similar to partaking in some frozen yogurt at the ocean side. Also, at Coney Waffle Ice Cream Cakery you can pick your own frozen experience by modifying a frozen yogurt sandwich, cake, or waffle sandwich. It’s a definitive pastry objective on the Jersey Shore.
Yet, you ought to know that these aren’t your typical frozen yogurt sandwiches. Coney Waffle’s goliath frozen yogurt sandwich cake stacks a storing part of custom made frozen yogurt between two half-pound treats. Each clump of treats utilizes eight sticks of margarine and eight cups of chocolate chips. Furthermore, on the off chance that that is insufficient chocolate for you, they can brighten the beyond the cake with much more.
Coney Waffle’s monstrous frozen yogurt sandwich cake comes in nine distinct flavors and more than twelve enrichment choices. The treats come in six, eight, and 10-inch measures that can all take care of a group. Who needs a birthday cake when you can have five pounds of treats and frozen yogurt?
Notwithstanding, in the event that you can’t persuade 10 companions to assist you with completing these frozen yogurt sandwiches, you can arrange their Coney Waffle. What makes these waffles unique is their protected waffle iron. Each waffle has those exemplary edges as well as a lot of room in the middle for three scoops of frozen yogurt. What resembles a combination of a waffle and a wiener bun makes for the ideal vehicle for getting a charge out of frozen yogurt in a hurry. What’s more, you can get it at Coney Waffle.
Look at the video above to perceive how these show-halting treats are made, and make certain to go to Coney Waffle on the Jersey Shore to attempt them yourself.

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